Daisy Rose

The Good Submissive

Genevieve doesn't mean for things to spiral so completely out of control. In the beginning, it was just way for her to make some extra cash so she can afford rent and stay with the man she has had a crush on since forever. James is devastatingly handsome, smart, and her brother's best friend. He must never find out the perverse things she's doing for internet strangers in exchange for money.

It's easy work.

Until she meets Arthur. Suave, powerful, and rich beyond belief, the older werewolf wants her in every way imaginable. Within minutes of meeting the Alpha werewolf, he is breaching her walls and taking control of her entire body with the perfect pressure of his hand pressed against her skin. He wants her for himself and will do anything to make it possible.

It is easy to surrender to the man when he begins showering her with praises and money, caring for her in all the ways a younger man would not be able to.  Things are perfect…until James find out about the affair and decides to intervene, only to be shown his place and then — to Genevieve's surprise — offered a taste.

The Good Submissive is a steamy story with a HEA involving an innocent young woman and her fall from innocence to older werewolf males who are more than willing to show her the ropes. Literally.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

The theatre hall for her exam is almost full by the time she shuffles through the door. She grimaces at the only available seats nestled in between filled seats and starts making her way there. The underwear is able to hold the plug in her, but she still worries that it would fall out and then she's going to be in serious trouble. She wonders if she could claim ignorance if that happens. Just pretend she's never seen it before.

Thankfully, she's certain that there aren't any werewolves in her class. It would be impossible for them to miss her arousal otherwise. She's practically soaked. Arthur had licked her clean before sending her on her way and then sprayed a scent neutralizer on her just in case. It's enough to make her smell like soap, but a werewolf would be able to scent his saliva on her otherwise.

The plug doesn't fall out of her and nobody notices the odd way she's carrying herself, too absorbed in getting some last-minute studying done for the exam. She sits down gingerly and lets out a quiet sigh of relief.

The hardest part, getting into the hall, is done.

The professor walks through the door seconds after she settles and she feels herself growing tense again, skin prickling with anticipation. She hopes she can focus on her papers enough to not screw it up. She had been studying for it, but she's obviously distracted right now.

“You have an hour and fifteen minutes. Good luck.” She hears the professor say. His teaching assistants start distributing the papers.

She flips through her papers, speed reading some odd questions to get a feel of what to expect, and then starts from the top immediately. The questions are simple enough. She surprises herself by being completely immersed in them, breezing through question after question faster than those around her.

At first, she thinks she is imagining things or that the dildo has been inside her for too long but then the vibrations really start up and she has to bite her bottom lip to keep herself from whimpering too loudly. She shifts in her seat, trying and failing to find a comfortable position to sit in, doing her best to focus her attention on rereading the questions on her paper.

She chews on the end of her pen until it's gnawed and bent completely out of shape. It's impossible to focus now that the plug is moving inside her. The werewolf is a menace. Every time she moves, the plug rubs a new spot inside her and makes desire surge in her veins.
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