Damien Boyes

Winter Overrun

Finsbury Gage is terrified of what's inside him.

He's been dead more than once, and haunted now by the memories of lives he never lived. All he wants to do is hide-from a world he doesn't belong to and the person he doesn't recognize-until he's forced from his self-imposed exile by a threat the police can't handle and a request he can't refuse.

A girl has gone missing. Arrived in the big city from the Preserves and immediately disappeared. Her brother's come looking for her, and while a lifetime on a farm hasn't prepared him to navigate the dangerous Reszo underworld, he's not about to let that or anything else stop him from finding his sister.

Finsbury will be drawn into a hunt for a killer no one believes in. Someone who doesn't just kill-he steals the thoughts of his victims and makes them part of himself.

Finsbury Gage is about to meet Winter, and neither of them will ever be the same.

Winter Overrun is the fourth book in the Lost Time series, a mind-bending sci-fi noir in the spirit of Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and Neuromancer.
319 printed pages
Original publication
Damien Boyes



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