Laura Lovecraft

All I Want For Christmas

While looking for something in his dad’s bureau, Danny finds pictures of his mother. The first few tame, pictures of her in a bathing suit on the beach, but the rest of them? Danny finds himself looking at his mother acting like a porn star and loving every minute of it!
Danny finds he can’t get the pictures out of his mind and scans them to his computer. For the next several months he’s been obsessed with both the pictures and his mother. The day before Christmas Danny comes home to find his father in his room with the pictures on the computer. Enraged, his father tells Danny he’s sick and needs some help and his mom is visible upset.
But when his father leaves for work that night, Danny’s mother comes to him and tells him she has a special Christmas present for him. It seems Mom has decided the only way Danny will get over wondering what it’s like to have sex with his mom, is to let him do it! For Danny, this is going to be the best Christmas ever.
99 printed pages
Original publication


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