James Padian

Vile Bohea: The Boston Tea

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“Grand Master. These Tea Leaves … They're Vile Bohea.”
Boston Harbor. 16 December 1773.
Aboard the tea ships, Warren's Wicked-Freemasons and other volunteers-pause in the crisp night air while the doctor ponders their discovery. Who ships worthless tea to Boston? What's afoot? Destroy or not? Destruction invites retribution. Is that their game? Stifle Boston resistance with harsh reprisals? We give welcome to them. We'll grow our rebellion from them as bitter seeds. Warren signals the Wicked to toss the tea. Hours later, they broom the decks clean and slip away to historical obscurity. Rumors suggest Warren masterminded the destruction, but no one gives him up. Parliament blockades Boston Harbor and alters the Massachusetts Bay charter. King George III appoints a new governor and orders regiments of British Army Regulars to occupy Boston. With the threat of arrest, Warren focuses on his rebellion. Will other colonies support his vision to expand the plan beyond Massachusetts? If not, he wastes his dream to forge a new nation where millions yet unborn will live free.
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James Padian



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