Jon Zelig

The Cuckold Clinic

Being Allessandra's. Alessandra wasn't just the top of my favorites list. Hers was the only name on the list, the girl above all girls, the woman above all women—I'd wanted her to hurt me for almost a quarter century. It wouldn't be right to say that we 'got back together' at our Twentieth High School Reunion. We'd never been together. There had just been that one high school kiss. She'd drawn blood. Now we are together! Trying to figure out if/how we can make a life with each other. In the meantime, the pain feels SO good! Double-Cucked & Regressed. If you want to think of me as a Suburban Bull? Go right ahead: Behind those white picket fences? Under those dowdy housewife dressing gowns? Down in “Ozzie & Harriet's” Rec Room? There is some gorgeously perverse stuff going on, and I am more than happy to play my part! Gloria was pretty clearly my type—which is really more a matter of rhythm and vibration rather than packaging. Not that the packaging left much of anything to be desired. Mid to late forties; genuine-looking red hair, in a bit of a buzzcut—I don't mind a hint of androgyny, now and again, as a change of pace; piercing green eyes; nicely formed breasts.
44 printed pages
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