Robert Z.Chew

Point of You: Develop A Unique Point of View That Helps You Sell Now!

Point of You is the first book in the BoldPoint Now Technique series. Point of You guides readers through the BoldPoint Point of You 10-Step process for developing a “fast track” point of view on any subject. Having a strong point of view is the first step in powerful communicating. Few understand the power of point of view and how having one can dramatically help people sell and get ahead. If you want to make your ideas powerful, if you want to sell more, if you want to turbo-charge your career, then Point of You is the starting point.

In part 2 of the BoldPoint Now Series, called StoryPilot, readers learn how to structure point of view into a compelling story that engages audiences. Part 3 of the series, BoldPoint's SlideStar, shows readers how to then turn the story into an artful design using slides and other visuals. The BoldPoint Now Series is designed for non-storytellers and non-designers. It is an easy, practical approach to communicating more powerfully, and how to succeed and sell more through better presenting.
79 printed pages

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