Early Israelites. Two Peoples, One History, Igor P. Lipovsky
Igor P. Lipovsky

Early Israelites. Two Peoples, One History

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What does the Bible hide and to what extent can we trust the Holy Scriptures? The “archaeology” of biblical texts yielded many interesting and surprising discoveries. As it turned out, the Israelites (Northern Hebrew tribes) and Judahites (Southerners) had completely different ancestors, who arrived in Canaan and then left the Nile Delta at different times. The Northerners and the Southerners made their Exodus from Egypt at different centuries as well, and conquered their places in Canaan independently. So what — or who — is responsible for the contradictions between facts mentioned in the Old Testament and archeological findings of the last decades?
The biblical writers merged the family trees and narratives of both peoples to create a common genealogy and history. But where the archaeologists look for the history of Early Israel, are in fact the hidden and different pasts of two West Semitic peoples.
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