The Sun & Stars, Katlyn Charlesworth
Katlyn Charlesworth

The Sun & Stars

The second novella within the Tottering Trilogy.

Book 2 – The Sun & Stars

Queen Joanna of Castile only becomes a monarch of the kingdoms due to the arranged marriage of two Spanish powerhouses. A well-educated and levelheaded woman, Joanna’s world is turned upside down when she marries “Philip the Handsome”. Deeply in love with her husband, she expects nothing but a reciprocation of devotion from him. However, Philip proves otherwise with his philandering ways, leaving Joanna’s heart broken and her emotional state in ruins. When her husband forms an alliance with her power-hungry father in attempts to usurp her authority and remove her from the throne, she finds her life falling apart in more ways than one. However, through it all, Joanna manages to retain a hope in her husband’s imaginary love, and will do whatever it takes to receive his affection…
Besides, how could something done out of such great love, be so terrible?
32 printed pages
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