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Dan Pink, best-selling author of DRIVE wrote: “WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY is an ebullient paean to the power of story. What we need is a new story based on purpose, not on profit. With a mind toward sustaining the planet rather than just amassing money, this book guides you to finding and aligning your purpose, passion, and goals to create that new life-embracing story for yourself, your organization, and the world.”
WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY, an Amazon #1 New Release, is about the old story of Profit First coming to an end and it must be replaced by the new story of Purpose First if we are to prosper. The old triple bottom line of profit, people, planet is transitioning into the new bottom line of planet, people, profit. Why? It’s very simple—no planet, no people. And no people, no profit. As there is no time like now, we provide 3 sequential steps to follow your path into the new story and to achieve this transition successfully:
1. Purpose—the why of our lives and the unique gifts we have to offer.
2. Place—with whom and where to best share those gifts.
3. Practice—how and when to best share those gifts.
• Our book provides leaders and readers with a pathway to accomplish these things in life, in the workplace, and in their communities.
• We help readers to heal the past, release the future, and create harmony in the present.
• Our book is short enough to read it flying from coast to coast with enough time left for a nap. It was designed so you can experience it on various levels with its simple graphics, powerful quotes, a detailed Table of Contents, and succinct chapter summaries. And the book is filled with tips and tools that you can use, now.
• WHY are we launching this book now? Because Humankind finds itself at a fundamental, evolutionary change point. We stand at the edge of a chasm of social change greater than what we have seen in the agricultural, industrial, and technology revolutions combined. We are entering a chasm of chaos, complexity, and confusion. What used to anchor us and keep us grounded is fading. Trust in our social institutions is at an all-time low and anxiety at an all-time high. All the 'rules' about status, power, and politics no longer hold for most people.
• AND just why is it that you should be interested in reading WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY?
1. To minimize the risks you take by investing precious time, money, and energy in planning for the future. We all make mistakes and plan for the wrong scenarios. WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY is a structured method to investigate different courses of action, develop contingencies, and have in place a system to recognize and act upon a wide range of 'weak signals' such as demographic migrations or government regulatory changes. These are harbingers of what we can sense about changing events and social dynamics.
2. We think shifting your perspective, your worldview, helps you get a more grounded perspective. You move from being totally reactive to events around you to a stance where you are in control. With that sense of control comes a heightened sense of well-being and relaxation. Being in the moment reduces your tendency to act from an almost totally reptilian motivation to a calm, reasoned, and thought out stance.
3. Our suggested viewpoint and action platform will give you greater resilience to change because you will have consciously constructed a wider range of interconnections with others and resources. Your search time for answers will decrease; the breath of your knowledge will increase; you have a stronger trust bond with others, and you will have your own finely tuned 'future radar screen' to use today and well into the future.
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