Doug Snelson

Who's Got the Face?

Doug Snelson is the award winning author of Who's Got the Face?, a 48 page, rhyming children's picture book that follows a playful, energetic day dog named Face through his day The clever rhyming patterns describe the various parts of the dog's anatomy — face, tail, eyes, ears, nose, belly, paws — while Face moves through his day in a colorful and fun environment and eventually falls asleep. The book conveys the love between a dog and its family. The book was written to be read by adults to young children or by very young children through 2nd grade. Who's Got the Face? is an excellent teaching tool for elementary school teachers. Although written for children, adults with literacy problems and those individuals just learning to read or learn English benefit from the repetitive rhyming patterns and phrasing. Unique to the story is the strong emotional bond between dog owner and Face. This bond gives each reader--whether adult or child--an opportunity to have a high level of interaction with the story. Doug's second book, The Fable of the Snake Named Slim, is a 32 page, rhyming children's picture book about finding one's personal gift.
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