Monica Anyango

Ofiri and the lost Kingdom

Ofiri is a young handsome prince who is coming of age. His father, the tribal king, is soon to die and sends Ofiri out to find the 'Uru,' a sacred stone that is the right of passage for one to rule the kingdom. Ofiri must embark on a treacherous journey to secure the 'Uru'!
Accompanied by his beloved helper, Lelem and his youngest sister set off with 1000 of the kingdom's finest warriors.
During this life changing journey, Ofiri creates a precarious situation endangering his mission and his warriors. Embarking on his own, he eventually arrives at the destination of the Uru. Has he arrived too late?
Ofiri sets back to his homeland confident that his keeper Lelem has stored the stone for him.

After many trials, Ofiri arrives back at the kingdom to find his people celebrating! Amidst these festivities and to his dismay, he realizes what has happened.

31 printed pages
Original publication
Monica Okullo



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