Evie Asterwyn

The Celestial Kin

“My lifetime wish was to become extraordinary…”

When shy Cassandra Stone meets gorgeous Alexander Grayson, he captivates her heart. He is handsome, charming, sweet, and mysterious — and completely out of her league! But strange events pull Cassie and her puppy, Astra, deep into the magical life of Alex and his family. As Cassie and Alex fall in love, Cassie learns she and Astra are vital to the Graysons' world and she must fit her life around her new role as Star Kin.

“…but extraordinary lives come at a price.”

Then the Graysons' cruel enemies threaten to claim Cassie and Astra. Alex and his friends must protect them, but facing this threat may destroy Cassie and Alex's blossoming romance. Sacrifice is key when defending the first human Star Kin.
Will their love be enough to keep the star-crossed pair together? Can Cassie learn how to protect Astra and help her new friends when she is only a fragile human? And who can Cassie turn to when her secret life as a Star Kin is falling apart?
282 printed pages
Original publication



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