Fraser Kennedy,James Waggott

I've Decided

Life with a degenerative disease that sends you on a downward spiral must be a miserable existence. How could it not be?In this short and powerful book, one man’s journey from healthy child to profoundly disabled adult demonstrates that this need not necessarily be the case.In sharing Fraser’s story, the authors invite you to take a step back and consider why we do what we do in life. His stories and insights will have you laughing, wincing with embarrassment and, on occasion, gasping in admiration. What started out as a fundraiser for a piece of sports equipment, turned into a reflective adventure, which gave everyone involved pause for thought, not least Fraser himself.One thing Fraser won’t have you doing is crying with sympathy. As he explains, to do so doesn’t represent joined-up thinking. Sickness and death is a part of everyone’s life. It’s what we do in the intervening time that matters. Fraser’s stories, as you’llsee, give us all something to think about. The principle lesson is to see and grab opportunities. This doesn’t require the use of your body, but your mind and the minds of those around you.
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