The Battle For Eve, Sara Dyer
Sara Dyer

The Battle For Eve

This side of Heaven, women sometimes experience frustration and
heartache that will one day be a thing of our past. We often struggle
with disappointment or failure with alarming regularity. Well, the
Scriptures have an explanation as to why the world, as God created it,
isn’t playing out in the living rooms of our lives. We have a crafty, wellorganized,
unrelenting, powerful enemy who often camps out on the
couch. He is strong against the people and things of God. But I have
read the end of the Book and I know who wins. And ladies, you are on
the winning side. In this Bible study you will learn how Satan works
against you. You will uncover how he gets power over your tomorrows
and just how much stronger you are than he! You will uncover his lies
and his weaknesses in order to triumph over every scheme against you.
So put on each piece of your Armor of God and join me in this great
epic battle. You cannot fail. You are the daughter of the King!
155 printed pages
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