Matthieu Jason

Lesbian Stories – Asian Intern

My name is Sam, I am a 33 year old athetic with dark curly hair. I am 5'5, 135 (real weight, kinda muscular) played tennis in college and still play 2–3 times a week. My Husband and I have been kidding each other about trying something for a while, usually during sex, but we are very proper with great jobs in real life and so I never thought it would really happen, just something fun to talk about.

I have a really good job and I am the highest up women in the company. I don't really flirt and I'm sure the men would consider me a tight ass. If they only knew!!!

Although I generally don't use one personally, our company uses interns from local colleges. I notice them around and I will occationally have them run some errands for me.

I noticed this one intern named Kimi who was 23 and just finished playing college tennis herself. She would stop by my office and chat a little but she was mostly working for men elsewhere in our company so I didn't think anything..
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