Maria Lewytzkyj

Putin's Putsches

Is Putin preparing to declare war on Ukraine? The crisis began with the impeachment of the pro-Russian Ukrainian President who opposed the economic integration with the EU. Since then, polarizing hostility has continued to grow in what Putin calls the ‘near-abroad.’ Maria Lewytzkyj, concerned about the effects of the crisis, researched and wrote a passionate and moving book based on first-hand accounts. Lewytzkyj interviews Crimeans, who lost their part of Ukraine in Russia’s annexation in May, Eastern Ukrainians fearing for their future and even refugees who have fled to Kiev. All of them, seeking freedom as Putin firmed up Russia’s position at the center of an anti-western socially conservative axis. This book shares their stories as Lewytzkyj reveals these strong characters, in an attempt to tell the story of Ukrainians who want to reclaim their lives, their right to self-determination, and their human right to live in a free society.”
81 printed pages
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