The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Rex Weiner
Rex Weiner

The (Original) Adventures of Ford Fairlane

84 printed pages
Original stories that appeared in the New York Rocker and LA Weekly featuring the punk rock detective Ford FairlaneWas made into a 1990 film with Andrew Dice Clay as the titular Ford FairlaneCoverage in LA WeeklyOutreach to music magazines such as Rolling Stone and Spin to talk to Rex Weiner about the punk rock sceneEvents in New York and Los AngelesBlurb coming from Bruce WagnerBook will feature bonus materials like interviews with Heathers and The Adventures of Ford Fairlane screenwriter Daniel Waters, screenwriter Floyd Mutrux, and former LA Weekly publisher Jay Levin
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sabrinarfhas quoted7 months ago
Praise for The (Original) Adventures
of Ford Fairlane

“Don’t let Andrew Dice Clay prevent you from reading this. Substitute J. J. Gittes and you’ll have a great ride. From coast to coast Ford Fairlane knows his way around the scene. With Tom Waits–like prose, you’ll be out-hipped. Rex Weiner is so hip.”

—John Densmore, The Doors

“Fast-paced, engaging storytelling. Pure adrenaline! If Philip Marlowe was reincarnated as a punk rock PI navigating the devastated war zone of downtown Manhattan in the late seventies, he would look a lot like Rex Weiner’s unforgettable Ford Fairlane.”

—Jonathan Shaw, author of Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes
and Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist

“The resurrected Ford Fairlane stories are a breezy, joyously perverse, laugh-out-loud pleasure: part Chandler, part Philip K. Dick—and all Rex Weiner.”

—Bruce Wagner, author of Dead Stars
and I Met Someone

“If you miss the New York City that was edgy, messy, filthy, after-hours, and off-the-books—you know, the city with a rock and roll heart—please welcome back Ford Fairlane.”

—Joe Nick Patoski, author of Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire and Willie Nelson: An Epic Life; host of the Texas Music Hour of Power, Marfa Public Radio

“A flip Philip Marlowe and hipster Sam Spade, Ford Fairlane’s lively capers capture the color and crackle of vintage new wave New York, from the funky clubs to the danger-fraught streets. Rex Weiner takes us on a cool, rhythmic ride.”

—Joe Kane, editor of VideoScope Magazine

“Ford Fairlane distills the feisty swagger of downtown New York in the mad, broke, striving, glorious seventies.”

—Nancy Naglin, author of The Salvation Army Tales
and You Owe Me An Answer

Lode per le (Originali) Avventure di Ford Fairlane «Non lasciare che Andrew Dice Clay ti impedisca di leggere questo. Sostituisci J. J. Gittes e avrai una bella cavalcata. Da costa a costa Ford Fairlane sa come aggirare la scena. Con Tom Waits, come la prosa, sarai fuori dai fianchi. Rex Weiner e' cosi' alla moda.» -John Densmore, The Doors «Racconti veloci, coinvolgenti. Adrenalina pura! Se Philip Marlowe si reincarnasse come investigatore punk rock che navigava nella devastata zona di guerra del centro di Manhattan alla fine degli anni settanta, assomiglierebbe molto all'indimenticabile Ford Fairlane di Rex Weiner.» -Jonathan Shaw, autore di Narcisa: Our Lady of Ashes and Scab Vendor: Confessions of a Tattoo Artist «Le storie risorte di Ford Fairlane sono un piacere ventoso, gioiosamente perverso, risate ad alta voce: parte Chandler, parte Philip K. Dick - e tutte Rex Weiner.» - Bruce Wagner, autore di Dead Stars and I met Someone «Se ti manca la New York City che era tagliente, disordinata, sporca, fuori orario, e fuori dai libri - sai, la città dal cuore rock and roll - ti prego di bentornare Ford Fairlane.» -Joe Nick Patoski, autore di Stevie Ray Vaughan: Caught in the Crossfire e Willie Nelson: An Epic Life; ospite del Texas Music Hour of Power, Marfa Public Radio «A flip Philip Marlowe and hipster Sam Spade, i vivaci capperi di Ford Fairlane catturano il colore e il crackle della new wave vintage New York, dal funky club per le strade piene di pericolo. Rex Weiner ci porta in un giro fresco e ritmico.» - Joe Kane, redattore di VideoScope Magazine «Ford Fairlane distilla l'ostile spavalderia del centro di New York nei pazzi, al verde, alla ricerca, gloriosi anni settanta». -Nancy Naglin, autrice di The Salvation Army Tales e tu mi devi una risposta

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