Whispers of the Heart, Christine Wissner
Christine Wissner

Whispers of the Heart

219 printed pages
This is the fourth book in the Jackson Family Saga.  Mason, the youngest son of Taylor and Kathryn sells the family business and begins a life as a tradesman.  He sells the majority of the family estate to a beautiful young woman, Jenny Jones and her grandfather.  When they move in Masons world takes an unexpected turn.  Unusual things beng to happen.  Strangers appear at his door asking to search for a hidden treasure on his property. Stories of a group of Union soldier traveling to Louisville, Kentucky during the Civil War with a load of silver and gold were warned of an attack by Reb's.  Did they really hide the money on their property?  He'd never heard of it.  Was it true or was it a hoax? Jenny's grandfather is mysteriously murdered and now all alone   she become frightened and  dependent on Mason to provide protection. Each day a new problem arrises.  Their lives become tangled in twist and turns as they search for a clue to the strange things that have overwhelmed theim.  The deeper the problems the more they find comfort in a budding relationship  There are clues along the way that leads to the truth, but who would have known that all the time the answer was in plain sight..

Original publication
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