Emily Gumbulevich


Ever wonder where your concert ticket money goes or what happens when you stream your favorite song on Spotify? Heard about the Music Modernization Act but not sure what it means? In Superfans: Power, Technology, and Money in the Music Industry, concert fanatic Emily Gumbulevich dives straight into the mysteries of the music industry.
Despite touring and releasing music, many successful artists still have to work a day job to stay afloat. However, fans have more say in the music industry than ever, and it is up to these fans to contribute to building a new industry that puts the power (and money) back in artists’ hands. In these pages, you’ll discover:

how and why the music industry is changing
how Taylor Swift has used social media to challenge the status quo of the “old” music industry
why seemingly successful artists like DREAMDIVE still have to work side jobs to pay the rent

If you are a music lover looking to support your favorite artists or understand the music industry, then this book is for you.
132 printed pages
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