Working Mothers 101, Katherine W. Goldman
Katherine W. Goldman

Working Mothers 101

165 printed pages
Motherhood comes naturally.Working motherhood doesn't.
So admit it. You need some help. Though there's not a full-time nanny inside this book, there's information on how to find one. This is the book for you if you can't spare even five minutes to use your common sense. It's all laid out for you in how-to, when-to lists—and plenty of stories from mothers like you—that will help you get it all together.
Well . . . as together as it's ever going to be.
Here's where you'll learn everything you need to get your life in order:
How to create a home where people actually hang up their jacketsWhat to do with all those indispensable spelling tests and toddler works of artHow to decide which type of child care is best for you at any given momentHow to sort out the times you really have to be at your child's schoolHow a time-crazed mother can make, keep and entertain friendsHow to sign up for and transport children to after-school activities, sports, music lessons and play dates when you can't be at any of themWhat to tell your boss when you don't want to travel so muchThe lost art of raising respectful childrenThe best way to date your husbandThe first rule of convenience for birthday partiesEleven ways to take care of yourself without taking any extra timeAnd, finally, delegating responsibilities you thought were yours and yours aloneThis practical strategy is for the millions of working mothers struggling to make it all work.Don't let your guilt slow you down. Katherine Wyse Goldman interviewed hundreds of mothers to come up with the tips, plans of action and decisions that have worked for career women around the country. Here's everything you need when you want to get control of your time, your life and your future. Here's how to make your home run as smoothly as a Fortune 500 corporation.
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