Cal Dorne

No More Quests

A comic fantasy novel from a bestselling Hungarian fantasy and science fiction author.
In Karavan, capital of the Mongor Empire four adventurers sit around a table inside the Yellow Serpent, an inn of dubious reputation. They are Behemor, barbarian berserker, Weevil, goblin cleric, Zaislo the alcoholic tavern brawler and Yabbagabb the fighter-mage with a wild talent in psionics.
Nothing shall disturb their pleasant conversation. The infectious plague, the army preparing to destroy them along with every other guest, the mysterious murders, the steadily growing pile of corpses, the undead monsters and the incoming demon lord all prove insufficient to stop them from having a tranquil evening of drinking and talking.
But you wouldn't want to trade places with someone who has just spilled their drink…
238 printed pages
Original publication



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