Katie Ardea

Braver Than You Know

She's hunting her future. He’s got her in his sights.
Wildlife photographer Kimberley Colter wonders if she’ll ever be brave enough to go after dangerous animals again. Part of her died in the Rockies last year when a photo shoot turned into a nightmare. Now she’s trying to resurrect her career and move on with her life. But she’s hiding something.
Cattle rancher Lincoln Steele has lost a lot, including his marriage and chosen career. His top priority is to help his young son overcome an emotional trauma. During a chance encounter with a gorgeous photographer in the forest, he sees the instant connection between her and his son. And he can’t deny that he’s attracted to her, too. Trouble is, so is his best friend.
Drought grips Turtle Mountain and emotions soar as Kimberley and Lincoln come face to face with their painful pasts. The fight to overcome their fears and move to a place of healing takes every bit of courage in their hearts. She must choose where her future lies. Will it be with him?
Set in rural Canada, Braver Than You Know is a love story that immerses readers in the prairie landscape and lifestyle. When wildlife photographer Kimberley Colter is shooting, you're right there with her, catching sight of a red fox or smelling the honeyed scent of sweet clover. When rancher Lincoln Steele is shipping cattle, you can hear the steers bawling and smell dust and manure.
Imbued with a delicious sense of suspense, the story's plot is a series of twists and turns that reveals the depths of Kimberley's and Lincoln's characters and their emotional, physical, and spiritual battles. Kimberley is trying to rebuild her career while overcoming physical and emotional repercussions of a work-related tragedy. Lincoln is a single father working in a job he didn't want, and he has a deep emotional wound of his own.
The challenges Kimberley and Lincoln face come in many forms. With her career hanging in the balance, Kimberley struggles against PTSD even as she lands in life-threatening situations more than once. A devastating hail storm and shocking criminal act place the Steele Cattle Company ranch on the brink of going under. Lincoln's best friend also falls for Kimberley, forcing Lincoln to compete for Kimberley's love and chance losing a lifelong friendship.
The conflicts and obstacles that Kimberley and Lincoln encounter force them to face their fears and past hurts and in doing so, create pathways toward healing. They struggle in their battles, and they overcome. They are braver than they know.
Braver Than You Know encompasses the following: a strong female heroine, a compassionate male hero, a contemporary love triangle, a second chance romance with child, a scarred heroine love story, a wholesome love story, a wanting a child love story, a helping a child heal love story, a rural love story, an outdoors love story, a good Christian romance novel, an inspirational romance book.
Goodreads reader reviews for Braver Than You Know:
«A thrilling story overlaid with romance. Well crafted back story really brings the characers to life. Even non romance readers will enjoy the book.» — Siena
«A beautiful story of loss, courage, healing and love! Beautifully written with it descriptions of the Canadian landscape. This story is one you will not want to put down. I can't wait for the next in the series.» — Sarah
«Super Read! Characters that you can believe in. The beauty of Nature keeps you reading.» — Edward
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