Olivetti: Inception, Tamilore Odimayo
Tamilore Odimayo

Olivetti: Inception

In modern-day America, the FBI has shifted their energy from locking up members of the Mafia to the pursuit of foreign terrorist. In turn, the Mafia has deviated from criminal activities and are basking in wealth as they launder their money through New York Stock Exchange investments. Although, the crimes that occur in America are perpetuated by petty gangs and drug cartels, the mafia still has control. New York’s Mafia royal family, the Olivettis, are benefactors of a tree of wealth planted by seeds of past crimes. Although under the watchful eye of old rival families, they manage to keep their business private. At times, they have been forced to engage in past methods of handling business and are commonly called white-collar thugs. In this mob thriller, Tom Olivetti, decides to avenge the attempted assassination of his father, which leads to a ripple effect that endangers the life of his loved ones and exposes his real identity. As time goes by, he realizes the dangers he has faced is only the inception.
291 printed pages
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