Quanan Zheng,Chung-Ru Ho,Jianyu Hu,Lingling Xie

Regional Oceanography of the South China Sea

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This book aims to share newly obtained results and information on regional oceanography of the South China Sea by leading experts in fields such as water mass, circulation, mesoscale eddies, near-inertial motion, upwelling, mixing, continental shelf waves, internal waves and fronts. These comprehensive results can provide new insights on global and regional climate change.Contents: Advances in Research on Regional Oceanography of the South China Sea: Overview (Quanan Zheng, Jianyu Hu, Chung-Ru Ho and Lingling Xie)An Introduction to the South China Sea (Haibin Song, Kun Zhang and Shaoqing Sun)Temperature, Salinity and Water Mass in the South China Sea (Jianyu Hu, Wei Zhuang, Jia Zhu, Zhida Huang, Shengli Chen and Hanbang Peng)The South China Sea Western Boundary Current (Zhigang He, Kewei Lyu and Qi Quan)Mesoscale Eddies in the South China Sea (Hongyang Lin and Zhenyu Sun)Near-inertial Motions in the South China Sea (Shengli Chen, Xiaohui Xie, Jiuxing Xing and Zhenyu Sun)Water Exchange in the Luzon Strait (Zhida Huang and Jianyu Hu)Kuroshio and Its Impact on the South China Sea (Chung-Ru Ho, Zhe-Wen Zheng, Po-Chun Hsu and Ching-Yuan Lu)Local Atmospheric Responses to Ocean Dynamic Features in the South China Sea (Zhe-Wen Zheng, Yi-Chun Kuo, Chung-Ru Ho, Quanan Zheng and Nan-Jung Kuo)Responses of the South China Sea to Mesoscale Disturbances from the Pacific (Lingling Xie, Quanan Zheng, Mingming Li, Junyi Li and Chung-Ru Ho)Coastal Upwelling in the Northern South China Sea (Peigen Lin, Jianping Gan and Jianyu Hu)Diapycnal Mixing and Vertical Circulation on the Continental Shelf of the Northern South China Sea (Mingming Li and Lingling Xie)Continental Shelf Waves in the Northern South China Sea (Junyi Li)Oceanic Fronts in the Northern South China Sea (Quran Wu, Hongyang Lin, and Jianyu Hu)Internal Solitary Waves in the Northeastern South China Sea (Xiaolin Bai and Chengzhu Xu)Circulation and Water Mass in the Taiwan Strait (Ruo-Shan Tseng, Sen Jan and Jia Zhu)
Readership: This handbook is intended for readers interested in regional oceanography of the South China Sea. Oceanography;South China Sea0Key Features:The book integrates updated research results related to important physical processes in the South China SeaAuthors of all chapters are experts in the related fields of regional oceanography within the contour of the South China Sea
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