Patricia Evans Cox

Innis Harbor

What if you had to choose between facing your past and finding your future?

Loch Battersby is the kind of famous that everyone in Manhattan wants to be. The first female in the modeling industry to work exclusively as a male model, she’d become wildly successful by the age of twenty-six. Then in a single day, everything spins out of control, and she finds herself in Innis Harbor, on the windswept coast of Maine, where she’d spent her childhood summers.

As the city smog finally clears, she realizes that not everything in her life was as it seemed.

Amir Farzaneh built her Innis Harbor construction company from the ground up, despite the challenges of being a woman in a field dominated by men and ever-present opinions of her conservative Persian community. When she meets Loch, a dark secret from her past reappears, threatening the life she’d managed to build in spite of it and the happiness she’d started to believe could be hers.
305 printed pages
Original publication



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