Judith Couchman

Art of Faith

Have you stood in front of a painting and thought, What does this mean?
The Art of Faith answers this question again and again, with insight, wit, and verve, providing a thorough reference to Christian art through the centuries. Practical and easy to read, this book unfolds the ancient world of Christian images for believers who want to enrich their faith, college students studying art history, and travelers to religious sites. With this book in hand, you can visit museums, churches, or other sacred places and identify a work of art's style and meaning. Or even explore the signs and symbols of your local church.

Whatever your relationship to art or Christianity, open this book when you're curious about a painting, sculpture, symbol, or other sacred work. It will answer your questions about The Art of Faith.

“Couchman offers a readable and user-friendly guide to deciphering and interpreting Christian visual art. She is rightly keen to meet the urgent need for a new depth of theological vision in the church and beyond.”
—Jeremy Begbie, Duke Divinity School; Author of Voicing Creation's Praise: Towards a Theology of the Arts
600 printed pages
Original publication


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