James K. Papp

Inquire Within

What questions will you ask yourself that will change your life?

Life can feel stressful, filled with demands or anxiety. Perhaps you are at a crossroads or crisis in life (job loss, health issue, divorce, death of a loved one, or addiction) and finding calm feels impossible. There is hope!

James K. Papp will be your friendly guide to help you explore yourself and Inquire Within. With time-tested tools and practices, this easy-to-use book will help you imagine and create balance, harmony, and a peaceful life…

Learn how cultivating your inner world improves your outer worldPractice gratitude as a way to increase happinessUse prayer and affirmation to power your intentionsReduce stress through meditationCreate focus and inspiration with a personal altarNurture self-expression and fun through creativity
187 printed pages
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