Charles Carleton Coffin

The Story of Liberty

The Story of Liberty covers a period of five hundred years fight for liberty, from the Magna Carta (1215) up to the landing of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts (1620)
John Lackland and the Barons
The Man Who Preached After He Was Dead
The Fire That Was Kindled in Bohemia
What Laurence Coster and John Gutenberg Did for Liberty
The Men Who Ask Questions
How a Man Tried to Reach the East by Sailing West
The New Home of Liberty
A Boy Who Objected to Marrying His Brother's Widow
The Man Who Can Do No Wrong
The Boy Who Sung for His Breakfast
What the Boy Who Sung for His Breakfast Saw in Rome
The Boy-Cardinal
The Boy-Emperor
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
The Men Who Obey Orders
Plans That Did Not Come to Pass
The Man Who Split the Church in Twain
The Queen Who Burned Heretics
How Liberty Began in France
The Man Who Filled the World With Woe Progress of Liberty in England
How the Pope Put Down the Heretics
The Queen of the Scots
St. Bartholomew
How the “Beggars” Fought for Their Rights
Why the Queen of Scotland Lost Her Head
The Retribution That Followed Crime
William Brewster and His Friends
The Star of Empire
The “Half-Moon”
Strangers and Pilgrims
636 printed pages
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