Operation Chupacabra, J.P. Young
J.P. Young

Operation Chupacabra

After battling other worldly creatures as recounted in MERCENARY EXOTIQUE, Pete and Jeanette are expecting the birth of their child. They're now living an idyllic life in a secret place for those who have information the public must never know. Pete's peaceful existence and loving wife are stressing him out…

Rescued from nightmarish inactivity by his former Skipper, Lt. Commander Hayley Nathaniel activates Pete to the Marine Corps for an overseas assignment. He poses as her husband, an Australian occult journalist seeking the elusive beast called the Chupacabra who has been sighted in El Salvador. Their actual mission is to locate and eliminate a Cuban training local insurgents to attack a naval base; however, nothing is as it seems…

Faced with unexplained satellite photographs, ambushers, inquisitive police, devil worshippers, a mysterious redhead, and an unexpected enemy, Pete is permanently transformed beyond belief…
150 printed pages
Original publication



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