Record of Mutilation, Elias Sassoon
Elias Sassoon

Record of Mutilation

A special infant, yes, symbolizing the individual spirit. Unfortunately, he is born into an insular collective society in which individualism is suppressed through the use of brute force. The infant’s name is Mutilation. He is born on Orb-Earth, to humans who call themselves Outsiders. They live in the Great Metropolis where everything is constructed to propagate mass values. Outsiders tolerate no opposition. Everyone must look, think, and, sound alike without dissent. Up until Mutilation’s appearance, there is none. However, with the child’s birth, everything changes. The Outsiders are in for one heck of a ride. What ensues is the pressure of the state to institute conformity. What follows is conflict, resistance, and hell.
236 printed pages
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