K.B. Elijah

Out of the Nowhere

Eight moments in time…eight people experiencing the best — and worst — moments of their lives.
Exaladin: Anna lives and breathes the Superleague: the battles of superheroes and supervillains, and is determined to prove herself to be The Extirpator's biggest fan when she follows him home one day. But why is his nemesis Paladin already there? What secrets is her hero keeping, and why?
The Heathen: After a night of drinking, one denizen of Osteria wakes up to find himself in the clutches of a misfit group of religious cultists who are determined to sacrifice him to the one true god, Armon. Not what he had planned for the day, but it doesn't look like they're going to let him escape anytime soon…
A Matter of Life and Death: Far from the shrouded and horrifying mystery explored in mankind's poetry, Death is just a day job. And like all other day jobs, this means mind-numbing hours of signing reports, approving overtime, and attending pointless meetings. But when a soul escapes from one of the processing facilities and people start dying when they're not scheduled to do so, Death has to dig out the scythe and cloak and team up with a new trainee to figure out what has gone so horribly wrong.
No Roast for the Wicked: I have a secret. I can travel to another world. But my gateway to the Other Place is not through the back of a wardrobe, or a mirror. It's not a magic button, or an amulet, or even a fifty-foot portal filled with green light. It's my oven. And maybe if I'd known the Other Place was full of witches and magic and double-crossing little sneaks, I wouldn't have bothered visiting. But then there would be no story…
The Cursed Captain: A captured enemy ship. A dead captain uttering a curse, and a possessed crew… what has Captain Mal Hayden of the pirate ship 'Rosa Avis' done that has incurred the wrath of a sea demon? And will the Captain survive the curse's effects and the crew's mutiny?
If At First You Don't Succeed: Noah's big brother died saving his life as a child. It's no wonder that Noah grew up in a world of regret, gossip and guilt, a disappointment to his parents, his community and himself. But what if there was a way to save Chris? A time machine, perhaps?
A Problem Called Clarissa: All 13 year old Siobhan wants to be is a bestselling writer. Is that too much to ask? But she's plagued with a sentient character every time she puts pen to paper, who criticises her work and her ideas, and now seems to be able to control Siobhan's life…
Out of the Nowhere: An android, a vampire, a time-traveller and Death himself walk into a bar. It may sound like a joke, yet this meeting is anything but, and soon even the immortal beings are threatened by an entity greater than themselves.
Out of the Nowhere features eight unique fantasy novellas about the magical, the mysterious and the macabre, with plot twists in each tale.
Note: The novellas can be read as standalone stories, and it is not necessary to have read Volume 1 of the Moments in Anthology, The Empty Sky, beforehand (although it may enhance your experience as a result of occasional character crossovers).
Suitable for YA, NA and adult readers (some swearing, violence and sexual innuendo, no sexual scenes).
397 printed pages
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