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“Straight from The Onion Vine” takes place in a small town. It could be one in New England, where Jody Scott-Smith now lives. Or more like Anchorage, Kentucky, east of Louisville where she grew up.

As a nurse, taking care of patients has always been the most rewarding part of Jody Scott-Smith's work. From them she learned everyone has a story. A patient once said, “Any day you can put two feet on the ground is a good day”. She was confined to a wheel chair.

Especially in the Tween years, Jody Scott-Smith knows how important friends can be. Her daughter Kelli's friends were welcome anytime she was home. This gave Jody time to get to know them and hear what they had to say. Their situations and how they coped helped inspire “Straight from The Onion Vine”, to help Tweens prepare for high school.
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