J.R.,David G. Derrick

Sid the Squid

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What is your perfect job? Sid the Squid wants to find his! Comically illustrated by an animator on Disney’s 2019 film The Lion King .
What is the ideal work for a giant squid with ten arms? Continuing his job search, Sid travels from sea to land. But how can a squid out of water find suitable employment? Luckily after swimming ashore, Sid meets a girl named Alice, who helps him on his quest.
With his skills, could Sid be a good policeman, fireman, or cook? Ultimately, Sid realizes the “right fit” is important: he must find a vocation he can put his heart into. Everyone will identify with Sid’s trials, errors, and… finally success!
Sid’s humorous and poignant journey will resonate with readers of all ages. Kids are encouraged to try many activities and pursue their dreams. Meanwhile, adults, want an occupation with a steady paycheck but yearn for personal fulfillment. Parents and children value how this squid is an inspirational hero for our times.
Sid's expressiveness hearkens to the silent comedy of Charlie Chaplin and WALL-E. Teachers and librarians will enjoy repeated readings of this tall tale, brilliantly illustrated with naturalistic verve by a veteran animator at Disney and DreamWorks.
”But the crowning work by Immedium, in our humble estimation, is Sid the Squid…. A whole book with pictures and illustrations of a squid?! Be still our little three-year-old hearts! Awesome book title. Loved it thoroughly.”
— Reading to Know
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