Baby Aliens Got My Teacher!, Pamela Butchart
Pamela Butchart

Baby Aliens Got My Teacher!

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Izzy and her friends are really surprised when Miss Jones starts being nice to them. After all, this is the teacher who secretly smiled when Maisie Miller fell off her chair that time. And then a teddy bear appears on her desk, with “You're Great” written on its tummy. Miss Jones isn't a teddy bear kind of person. She's more of a hates-puppies-and-thinks-kittens-are-ugly kind of person. And that's when they know – Miss Jones has been taken over by aliens. And now she's trying to turn them all into aliens, too. RUN!!!
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Nosy Crow


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b4996438328has quoted3 months ago
And I say that I can’t help it that weird stuff always happens to me!
So I told Zach to tell her, because she NEVER shouts at Zach or tells him HE’S making things up. One time, I asked Mum why she shouted at me and not at Zach when we coloured in Dad’s head when he was sleeping. And she said, “I’m not Zach’s mum, but I am YOUR mum, so I’m ALLOWED to shout at you!”
So Zach told her about the INCIDENT at school, and guess what? Mum phoned his mum and she came up and SHE shouted at him. Right there in our living room in front of me and Mum and Dad and everything. I was worried she was going to start shouting at me too. But then I remembered the Shouting Rule.
I felt bad for Zach. His mum shouted REALLY LOUD and got a lot angrier than my mum did. When they left, Mum said it was because Zach’s mum and dad have split up and that this was the last thing Zach’s mum needed as she already had “TOO MUCH ON HER PLATE!” I didn’t know what that meant. But then I remembered that, last week at school dinners, Mrs Kidd (the school force-you-to-eat-every-scrap dinner monitor) wouldn’t let me leave the table until I finished EVERYTHING on my plate. And I felt sick because the stupid dinner lady had given me five ice-cream scoops of shepherd’s pie. They use the ice-cream scoop for all the food at our school. Zach says that they don’t even wash it before they serve the ice-cream and he knows that for a fact because his mum used to be our

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