Cindi Laree

Flipping the Fairytale

Disenchanted with the search for Prince Charming and tired of kissing frogs?You’re struggling to find your Prince Charming, soul mate, or dream guy and are tired of dating all the wrong men. Or maybe you haven’t even been able to find the wrong men to date. Are your dreams of a passionate Happily Ever After fading quickly? Look no further! In six simple steps, transform your dating persona and learn to find and attract the dream-come-true relationship so you can have your fairytale ending. Author Cindi Laree takes you through her six-step process in which you can laugh, learn from the mishaps she encountered while kissing Frogs, running from Dragons, mistaking Knights in Shining Armor for the Prince, and discover how to find your own passionate Happily Ever After.
In Flipping the Fairytale, you’ll learn:
Where to find quality men in your kingdomHow to spot Frogs, Dragons, and Village IdiotsWhat to look for while screening potential suitorsHow to attract Prince CharmingHow to easily create your dream-come-true relationshipDo not delay. Join Cindi as Enchanted meets to find a prince and create your Happily Ever After today.
106 printed pages
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