Iain Forbes

And There's More

My poetry book (And there's more.) is a follow-up to my earlier book (From Millport to Eternity.). My poems hit me like an epiphany. My life experiences are a matter of making connections, from what on the surface appears arbitrary incidents/circumstances, like the collapse of dominoes or a house of cards, “Is it pure chance or carelessness?” the evidence is always in “Evidence.” if we don't go through life wearing blinkers, especially from childhood. With unrestricted sight, the full picture becomes clear, a revelation.
As with viewing a picture in a gallery, the perspective and perception alter, and more is apparent if we take a step back and to one side or the other.
As in life, what we experience defines how we respond to future events and how we share them with others. Poetry is the medium that I prefer to use to express my understanding of what all of us have to encounter as we go through in life.
I hope that my work is food for the inquiring mind and can encourage discussions from the readers of my books. I hope all who have different views from my own can get something from my poems and in no way wish them to agree with me, for as I am always in a state of flux, my aim is to understand and seek out the truth and move towards more awareness of the environment we all share.
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