Stephanie Sparks

Kill the Babysitter

In this novella by retro horror author Stephanie Sparks, Jane Freeman's first-ever babysitting gig comes with a lot of rules, and after a hellish night of watching the Harker children, she breaks an important one: Don't let them play with the Ouija board.

The children introduce Jane to a mischievous spirit named Zed who grants their every wish — as long as they let him have some fun.

It isn't long before Jane has everything she could ever want, but when she makes a wicked wish against her high school bully, she decides the fun and games have gone too far.

Now Zed wants to play a deadly new game: Kill the Babysitter.

Soon Jane is fighting tooth and nail against a murderous horde of possessed children — and if she doesn't team up with her worst enemy, she may not survive the night.
128 printed pages
Original publication



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