Maati Amen

The Indominatable Spirit

This book contains the greatest treasure that you will ever find. A treasure that holds the key to overcoming every challenge we face now, individually and collectively. For the author Maati Amen, this treasure was hard won, gained literally at death's door.
However, she insists this gift is available to every soul that sincerely seeks healing, inner peace and empowerment. In this cause, this book addresses the real root of our suffering as human beings. Making reference to her own experiences, Maati explains how pain and sorrow can be replaced by freedom and joy.
Revelations gained whilst stricken by her near fatal illness, lifted her into a new reality, one that would redeem us all.
Here to explore the price we all pay for living as the persona. We question how awakening to your true Self can change your life and change the world.
154 printed pages
Original publication



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