Silly Sally Smiled Her Silly Sally Smile, Kalen Marquis
Kalen Marquis

Silly Sally Smiled Her Silly Sally Smile

“Silly Sally Smiled Her Silly Sally Smile” is, by title and alliterative, tongue-twisting refrain, a powerful story that children love chiming in for. Although especially fun to read aloud, this story doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the real solutions to life's most pressing problems. In a time of increasing commercialism, excess, scarcity, crime, violence, anonymity,terror, bullying,and purposelessness, it is a small, toothless, freckled six-year-old girl who has the most serene and mindful answer to all the real or perceived woes of the world. Long before the processes of socialization and education, children know what's important. Throughout a twenty year career, the author has known many wise old souls in small bodies. Thankfully, they are generational proof that the world's problems are not fixed by the adult minds that unwittingly create or perpetuate them.
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