Geoff Cook

The Last Rights

April 1945 — As the war in Europe draws to a chaotic and bloody finale and the days of the Third Reich are numbered, a train filled with a cargo of Nazi gold sets off from Berlin destined for a secret location in Bavaria.
On board a young Polish Jew is about to witness a chain of events leading to the greatest robbery and criminal conspiracy of all time.
October 2018 — After eighty years, a Lisbon bank is about to finally close its safe deposit facility. The secrets and treasures locked away over decades will soon be revealed. Influential people in powerful positions have reasons to be concerned.
Fusing together the two events are the recollections of Rita Krakowski, Holocaust survivor, condemned as a Nazi collaborator and fugitive from justice. Memories are branded into her soul like the number on her forearm, revelations with far-reaching international and financial implications. Powerful forces are mobilised. She must be found and silenced forever.
For private investigators, Chas Broadhurst and René Marchal, what appears to be a straight-forward assignment rapidly becomes a deadly race against time to find the woman before it is too late and to expose a cover-up seventy years in the making.

525 printed pages
Original publication



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