Diane Redmond

The Sunny Bridesmaid (Bridesmaids)

A mini-series of four titles aimed at 6 — 8 year old girls on the theme of bridesmaids — a role that every little girl longs to play! THE SUNNY BRIDESMAID
Molly’s brother James is marrying Chloe, an Australian girl, on a tropical beach. A laid back bride, Chloe has told Molly she can choose her own dress. Molly’s choice of dress is not ideal for a hot climate, however she makes such fuss, her Mum lets her have it. However when she gets to Australia — shock, horror, her luggage has been mislaid so she and Chloe have to buy her a new outfit — a sarong and skimpy top, perfect for a hot beach wedding. James is football mad and after the wedding he celebrates by a game of footie on the beach. Unfortunately he gets sun-stroke leaving his bride dancing the night away with her favourite sunny bridesmaid!
49 printed pages


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