Destiny's Highway: Right in Front of Your Face, Michael G Quirk
Michael G Quirk

Destiny's Highway: Right in Front of Your Face

Destiny's Highway -Right In Front of Your Face is an all-inspiring read. Michael Quirk uses a fictional story with characters in real life situations to share his wisdom and experience in teaching people to heal themselves in a profound way. Michael, a trained engineer and former psychologist/hypnotherapist, has spent 30 years as a therapist perfecting his truly unique and mind-blowing, simple methodology to heal people and to propel them into their true destiny.

What makes this material unique is that Michael uses the same principle for everyone; it applies no matter what age, sex, social or working stature or background, no matter the situation. Michael shows us that we are struggling on some level of our lives and this struggle highlights our unworthiness. It is this unworthiness that Michael uses his (sadness to warmth) technique to clear all past issues and to help people learn empathy and to love themselves. They can then use this new found worthiness to create fulfillment, love and happiness.

The material works on a dynamic level, as it engages people on a feeling level. Michael's philosophy throughout the book is about working with feelings, in fact he advocates that all the answers lay within our feelings.

Through his use of fictional characters, Michael weaves a story that allows everyone to see something of themselves in their lives. His settings of these real life situations allows us to connect with the situations and feel what it would be like to be there with Michael as he works with the characters. You truly get the wisdom and experience of a man who has spent his whole life devoted to finding a new and simple way to help people achieve true happiness.

But I suppose we all think, 'how could it be that simple? Where is the catch? If you know if it sounds too good to be true, that's most likely what it is a 'get fixed quick' scheme.

Michael would reply to you, that the reason why you never found it before is because it is in a place where you'd least expect, “Right In Front of Your Face”
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