Anywhere Else But Here, XuanSon Nguyen
XuanSon Nguyen

Anywhere Else But Here

Claira Hammond had never understood the reason behind the concealment of her mother’s past, but she grew up begrudgingly accepting it. That is, until Madeline disappeared without a trace. Five years later, a mysterious letter arrives. The contents leads Claira to Morning View Port,Madeline's hometown. As she follows her mother’s clues, she is unexpectedly swept up in the dark and horrific narrative that condemned the town for hundreds of years. After centuries imprisoned on the island, Ephraim Wyatt is determined to find a way to escape his cursed life and nightmares. The moment Claira crosses his path, he knows she would become the key to his success. To gain her trust, he aids in her search for Madeline. Together, they embark on a rescue mission, but who will save them from the monster that lurks within the shadows? Will they escape Morning View Port, or will they forever remain part of its gruesome history?
446 printed pages
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