B.A. Mealer

The Jillian Factor

A murder. A concealed past. Her career and life on the line.
The murder of Charles Knight, the focus of her latest case who Jillian Potter, P.I., thinks of pond scum. She becomes the number one suspect for the murder, drawing her back to a time she wants to forget while forcing her to return to work.
The detective investigating the crime from the Lake County Sheriff’s department, Thomas Wellington, isn’t who he says he is, but is he friend or foe? Why does he know everyone she does without her having ever met him? She is forced into working with him to stay out of jail.
As Jill reveals bits and pieces of her past, she must keep herself from falling apart to nab the people responsible for the missing three years of her life.
When things spiral out of control, they are forced into a situation where they can no longer hide from the truth. But, will her secrets from the past destroy their future?
For Jill, a return to her past is her only path to the future.
Warning: This book contains adult language and situations
458 printed pages
Original publication



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