Joe McKinnon

The Shards Survivors

What would happen if the world as we knew it suddenly took a turn for the worst, where terrorism, controlling governments and fear were replaced by certain death and a dismal future, where the human race becomes an endangered species waiting and watching out for the encroachment of The Shards.

Where did they come from?

What do they want?

Can we fight and survive?

All we know is that The Shards are the most powerful beings that mankind has ever faced.

Is there a future, a place for Mankind in The Shards' plans?

The author Joe McKinnon has created an original story of conquest of the Earth by an alien race that does not even see Mankind as an intelligent race worth saving. Joe has taken today’s fears and flung them into an alternative future, which may yet become a reality.

Joe comes from an information technology background with a strong interest in science, the direction which Mankind is taking and his love of his family.
233 printed pages
Original publication


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