Quick & Easy Eggs, Bacon & Breakfast Sausage

This practical step-by-step foundational picture cookbook helps new cooks feel comfortable making eggs and breakfast meat as safely and easily as possible. Every direction is written in plain English and is accompanied by pictures to show exactly how every step works so that the reader can prepare any recipe in the book in a standard kitchen even if they've never boiled water.
Recipes include: Safe & Easy Soft or Hard Boiled Eggs, Fried Eggs – Sunny Side Up or Over Easy, Scrambled Eggs, Quick & Easy Microwave Oven Cooked Scrambled Eggs, Omelet – Fast & Easy, Microwave Oven Cooked Bacon (Chewy or Crisp; Pork or Turkey Bacon), Microwave Oven Cooked Breakfast Sausages (Using Pork or Turkey Sausages)
168 printed pages
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