Rob Joy

Silent Cries

The tears had ceased, the shaking had stopped and breathing normally, John stood still.

Bending over the gym mat, Steven picked up the objects he had placed there, he knew John would come. The collar went on first, lifting his chin. John held out his wrists, a chain connecting his wrists to his collar, meant his wrists were held mid torso. Steven knelt and put on the ankle hobble cuffs. Then he attached the final chain of the prisoner shackles, his ankles to his wrists, with just enough length that it pulled taut when he stood straight. Using the vertical chain at his chest, Steven pulled John forward, leading him to the veranda. With his back against the wall of the hut, Steven positioned Johns butt sideways between his legs. Johns legs over his right thigh, his back supported by his raised left leg. With a loud sigh, whether of pleasure or a release of tension, a long sigh never the less, John lay his head, on Stevens chest. He was tired, he hadn’t had much sleep the past three days. Nor had he had any relief, he firmed quickly as Steven caressed his body. Squirming and moaning from the sensations of Stevens hands, John let his mind go free. It was now empty, he didn’t have to think. John was almost asleep when Steven kissed him on the top of his head and whispered in his ear, ‘now.’
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