Jaki Elliott

Natures Outcast

Childhood and teen trauma can claw at the heart of our youth, crushing their dreams and leaving them devoid of the optimism that should be their crown. It takes a special strength to rise above the inherent despair of trauma and to turn blackness into bold, sometimes brutal and yet beautiful poetry. Poetry that challenges calms and sometimes screams of the effects of abuse. In a modern autobiographical twist on one of the classic writing forms, Jaki shares relatable insights, thought-provoking challenges and stands up for any young person who has experienced abuse.
For those like Jaki who have experienced a less than perfect home background, these words will bring comfort, mateship and strength, knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Within these pages you will cry, you will rage at injustice and you will find solace in a friend who wrote these words for you.
76 printed pages
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