Chuck Kimball


Lyle Mercer is a deep cover, black ops agent with the CIA. He is assigned to find and assassinate a high-ranking drug lord in the highland jungle of Columbia. No one— absolutely no one-has knowledge of this dangerous mission except the President of the United States and a few notable CIA officials. The assassination goes off without a hitch, but then, Lyle is attacked from all sides and realizes the murder was a set up to take him out, too. He escapes but is left wondering: who's the leak at the CIA? While captured on another assignment he learned of the white gold as the Cajuns call it, (heroin and coke) being shipped into New Orleans by the barrels. During his capture, he can think of only one thing, RETRIBUTION. His missions continue from Afghanistan to southern France and the bayou of Louisiana, but even as Lyle hunts crooked cops and a corrupt senator, he keeps an eye out for the mole, and those who captured him. When Lyle finds love, his devotion to the work wavers, and the apparent woman of his dreams threatens his allegiance to his country. She shakes his focus-which could have disastrous results-as Lyle's enemies seek to capture and torture him for all he knows. Will he remain loyal or turn his back on the country he's always loved?

310 printed pages
Original publication



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