John Eunson

Crabbit Old Buggers!

Crabbit old buggers are not defined by gender, nationality, creed or class — to be a crabbit old bugger is a state of mind, a way of living, a reason to exist that transcends all. Crabbit Old Buggers, the book, is a guide to these determinedly dour, intolerant creatures. It takes the loveless and misbegotten buggers, pulls them from their dank holes and makes them face the dazzling light of the issues of the day — politics, technology, the arts. It helps the reader recognise the traits that define them, the different levels of crabbitness — from the mildest to the most incorrigible — and explains why a little bit of it in all of us is no bad thing. And it proves once and for all that, for this sector of society, the future is not bright — it is just something that will have to be endured. But endure it they will and they're going to make damn sure that we know they're enduring it. Because sometimes reason enough to go on living is to wish you didn't have to.
86 printed pages
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